For many long months we have been preparing this journey. At times it felt hopeless that we would ever get it off the ground, at other times we were very excited and full of energy; But now it is official- we have left our home base.

But now the unknown is still there; and will be for a long time. We have our future mapped, but as is always the case, it is unpredictable


After a brief stop to say hello and goodbye ® to our freinds in the Tinée Valley and organize the last things in Sophie’s house; we crossed our first border to finally stop in the village of La Brigue; France. 🙂

Isidore the cine-bike was out 26th of july in La Brigue.

We set up Isidore to share some moving images with the medieval walls in this nice, friendly place.

Keep connected for our next stop in Cremona (it), and future adventures, by checking out our travel map.