Berlin TODOList

  • (DONE) find a space to work on “Yvonne va au Bal”

    For two weeks we rent a studio in the RAW’s Beamtenwohnhaus, one of the building dedicated to free art and culture, social commitment and intercultural exchange. RAW “Kultur L” is a social and cultural hub, an unique center in which a wide range of people can devote themselves to art, culture, sports, exercise and social engagement. From a dilapidated industrial ruin, the team behing RAW created a special place in the inner city.

  • (DONE) – fix Isidore broken leg

    Due to Roumanian’s poor condition roads, Isidore broke a leg 🙁 After a welding nightly session now he is operative again ! Special thank’s to Charly from the MariannePlatz wagenburg !

  • (DONE) – LiPiByOu at hoffest

    Sometimes too many clues point in the same direction, this direction become tough to ignore.

  • (DONE) – end of “Yvonne va au Bal” residency

    On September 29th, near end of two weeks of works, we will do a end of residency performance.

    See you at RAW//CC, Beamtenwohnhaus in the temporaum at 5pm !

  • TODO – participate to Berlin Critical Mass

    On September 29th is the next Berlin’s Critical Mass, we will be riding Isidore to add our visual touch to this big parade !